Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monday, April 3, 2017

My Journey to Healthy, by Wendy

 What made me decide to begin this journey back to healthy?

First of all, my age. Yeah, face it, we are all getting older. Our bodies begin to "fall apart" on us. Metabolism slows down. The aches and pains increase. For many of us, because the metabolism slows down, the weight increases.

A few years ago, I was walking daily...but I wasn't seeing any weight loss, so I grew discouraged. Then I moved to a different state, to a small town, where I didn't feel safe going out and walking. So, I didn't get exercise. The weight increased. It grew harder to bear the body aches and pains, which made me want to move my body even less.

Then about a year ago, my children and I moved back, to be near my folks. I still didn't feel the urgency to get out and walk. This past December, God spoke to me, and I finally listened. I began walking. Basically, I began taking a stroll each morning, with my camera, to find something new and interesting each day to photograph.

I was rather alarmed to find how breathless and in pain I was, just from walking to the corner and back! But I kept walking, a little further and a little further. I was excited to discover one day, that I could rise from a sitting position without using my arms to boost myself up!

On January 22, I set up an account on Map My Walk, and My Fitness Pal. When I began logging my food intake, I was impressed by how small a serving really is! They both have apps you can load on to your phone. When I take my walks, I track it with my app. I would be happy to be "friends" with you on Map My Walk; we could be exercise partners, encouraging each other along the way. Right now, I have only one friend, a lady from my church. I have other friends encouraging me along the way, through Facebook and Instagram as well.

Since January 22, I have lost 11 pounds, and walked 100 miles. 😇

I take phone photos, and post a collage on Instagram each day, as well as how many miles I've logged. Come follow along.